Saturday, September 4, 2010

Up until now

I got to Frisco at around noonish (SFO Time).
I got a little lost at first, but I found my way. Sweet. 
I even enjoyed a grilled chicken panini and a salad while I was waiting for my flight. It was delicious.
I boarded the plane and found my seat. This plane is friggen huge. Each seat has it's own little monitor that you can watch movies and check the location of the plane on. It even has games on it. I played Bejeweled and Solitare, and there was a multiplayer trivia game where other people could join in, too. I, naturally, won. 
I watched Spiderman 3 while I was on there. That was pretty sweet that they had it. They had a few good movies on there. Awesome!
Fast forward 11 hours or so.
I arrived at Narita airport. Got off the plane, claimed my baggage, and registered with customs. Easy enough. 

While I was there, I realized my cellphone didn't work. My phone didn't support their network, so I was able to rent a cellphone for pretty cheap at the airport. I can even use my SIM card in it, so it has my same number. Call me, free incoming. 

Well, after I got that, it was time to go hunt down my first hotel. Sakura Hotel. 
I went to find the subway and got on. Weee. Damn that thing goes pretty fast. 
Spent about 45 minutes on that train, then I had to switch to a different train. 
Spent another 20 minutes on that train and switched to the last one. 
So I got on my last one, there was a weird girl who got on who kept staring at me. She wasn't Japanese, though. Before I got off, she asked me if I was French. I said 'Oui' and took off. 
Well, I got out of the subway area and went up the stairs to street level. I didn't realize it would be dark. Wow, it feels like walking through NYC, although I've never been there. 
And it sucked carrying all my luggage. It was HEAVY!!! Arg. 
Long story short, I got a little lost. I found a very nice young woman who was working at a tiny garden shop who gave me directions. Very easy to follow directions, too. Just pointed to the next street over. 

Well, I got to Sakura hotel. Turns out I didn;t have a reservation. I guess I missed the email saying they didn't have any room. Must not have been paying attention cause I was excited I even got a reply. Oh well. 
They told me I would be able to stay in a dorm room that hasn't been filled. Lucky for me!
So now I'm here typing this in the cafe that they have. I'm pooped, though. I've had 20+ hours of sunlight and haven't really slept. arg. 

I also made a few videos of taking off and landing on the airplane, as well as on the subway. Woo. 
I'm gonna go upload pictures from my camera. I only got a chance to upload a few. 


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  1. Hello sir

    Less people than I imagined :O
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