Monday, September 20, 2010

Back again!

After Beppu, I was supposed to go a little further south for a night. But I decided not to. 
Instead, I came back to Hiroshima for one more night. 
On my way to the train station in Beppu, I saw this:

Thought I'd get a picture of it. I also grabbed a little brochure about it. Fun fun.

I got back to Hiroshima and Saori took me out on the town with a couple of her friends. We had fun!
We went to dinner.

This tasted kinda weird. It had pork and noodles and egg in it. Not an egg fan, though.

And then we went to an arcade.

They had a bunch of those claw games there. I won a Winnie the Pooh doll. Although we had a worker there "adjust" Pooh so he would fall easily. Wish we had that sort of service.

I found an arm wrestling game. Naturally I won!

Afterwards we went down to the river near the Atomic Bomb building. I got a picture of this monument.
It represents the children who died from the bombing.
There's a story about it where a child had survived the bombing at like 2 years old, but there was so much radiation that when the child was 10, he died of leukemia or something.

And then we went to a Karaoke room. It was pretty fun. I'm singing Bohemian Rhapsody in this picture.

Mito on the left and I cannot remember the name on the right. 
I hate that. 

Tomorrow morning I leave for Osaka, Japan. I will stay there until Saturday. Then I will go to Kyoto until Tuesday. Then I'll go back to Tokyo and leave on Wednesday.

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