Sunday, September 19, 2010


The town I'm in right now, Beppu, is pretty lame. Not to many photo opportunities, but I did get a few. 
The room I'm in is almost exactly the same as the one in Hiroshima. But the hotel does have a hot bath... and you're required to be naked. 

There wasn't too many people in there, so I spent about 15 minutes in the bath. Hey, c'mon, I'll never see them again. 

I did go jogging earlier around by the beach. It was getting dark. I got sweaty and took off my shirt. I got a lot of looks ;)

There's a lot of fish markets around. It kinda smells, but I did find some new sunglasses, although I think they're a it wide...I dunno, haven't decided yet. But they were like $12 and I got a nice pouch with them and a cloth to clean the lens for free. So I'm not complaining about that. 


Bullet Train!


There are a lot of kitties around. Don't worry, I didn't touch em.

Shots near the ocean.

Kid getting OWNED by the fountain. OWNED!

You're lucky, a little further to the right was an old guy in a speedo...
I think I will have nightmares...

Tomorrow I head to a small down called Nima. Don't expect much.

I'm going to bed.


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