Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well, the airport bus was a fun trip. About an hour and a half drive and it was totally awesome. NOT!
I had a seat to myself until we made another stop. Then this kid probably about my age sat next to me. A chubby lady and her chubby kid sat behind me. And the kid apparently had a whistling booger. It was SO annoying. I had to put on my headphones just to tune it out. I felt sorry for the woman trying to nap who was sitting next to her.

Well, I got to the airport alive after that maddening trip. Woo! I checked in and put my luggage on that little rollie thing behind the check in counter. It went bye bye. I wonder where it is now…

I found the NWA gate where I was supposed to get my stuff screened. I took off my shoes, belt, cellphone, MP3 player and took the laptop out of the bag. Put everything on the xray roller thingie mabob.
The guy didn’t like what he saw in my backpack. The bug spray. He let me keep it, though. What he DIDN’T let me keep was a 4OZ bottle of sunscreen. So if I bake, it is COMPLETELY his fault. Although he didn’t find the 4.4oz bottle of hand lotion I had in the front pocket. I WIN!!! MWahahahhahaha. IN YOUR FACE!

I found a currency exchange place, so right now I have a wallet full of Yen. Too bad the Yen is a bit taller than USD, so it sticks out the top of my wallet. Better keep an eye on that one.

Hopefully I have the same luck in San Francisco.

Well, it’s a little after 3, my plane leaves at 4:05, I’m gonna go get a bottle of water or something to drink while on the flight.

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