Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Day in Tokyo

Hey all. 
Well, I left the Sakura Hotel this morning around 10 and headed for the subway (NOT for sammiches).
I left there and arrived in a small town called Ikebukuro. I'm staying at a hotel called Ikebukuro until the 5th. 

Well, I dropped off my suitcase at the hotel and headed for Tokyo. Didn't have too much trouble getting around the subways. They're pretty easy to figure out. I r smart. 

I got out of the subway up to street level and saw the Imperial Palace East Garden. It's open to visitors all year, but not on Mondays or Fridays. Blast, I couldnt get in. 
So I walked around it. It was about a 3 mile walk or so. I had my backpack with me as well. Ugh, my back is sore right now. It sucks!

While I was walking around, there were quite a few awesome views. See pictures below!
On the way around there was an art museum. I thought 'what the hell' and looked around.
I didn't get any pictures of inside because I wasn't sure if photography was aloud or not, so I thought it'd be safe to keep my camera tucked away. 

I continued walking. Along the paths there are bushes and trees and there are some sort of strange bugs making strange noises that were really really friggin loud! I finally found one and got a picture of it. Can anyone identify it?

Towards the end of the walk there was a really cool bridge with awesome scenery behind it. Yes, I got a picture of it. I even had a cute girl take a picture of me. Should've gotten a picture of her, too. She was eyeing me up. Hehehe. 
Aaanywho. That was (so far) the highlight of my day. 
I'm using a public computer at this hotel and the maids are cleaning EVERYTHING from top to bottom. Kinda funny. And there's a midget japanese girl who just checked in to a couple rooms down from mine. Not that I'm being mean or anything :P

Well, I'm gonna go back to my room and RELAX. My back is sweaty from the backpack, my shoulders are damn sore from the backpack. Ugh. 
That thing is heavy. I'll lighten it up for tomorrow. Not sure where I'm going to go, tomorrow. But wherever it is, I'll be sure to talk about it tomorrow. 


These shots are of the city I'm in right now. 

These are in Tokyo

Gosh, I hope I don't have to go there...

You could walk right past the pidgeons without them flying away. They'd just scoot out of your way. 

This is the bug I was talking about. It was really loud!

For a second there I thought I was in Paris...

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  1. Thanks for the photos! Appreciated.
    You just traveling or is this coop?