Saturday, September 11, 2010

Short, fun little adventure.

So, I was looking through my suitcase and I realized... I forgot my towel at the other hotel.

So I went and got it.

I've gotta figure out how they determine how much it is between each station so I pay the right amount for a ticket. Ugh. 
I was short 10Yen and a nice ticket dude hooked a brotha up!

Well, I went to the Sakura Hotel, found my towel, and headed back here. 

I got a lot more looks than usual. 
"WTF... A white guy carrying a towel around his neck."
That's what they were all thinking when they looked at me. 

I even tried the whole stick out my chest thing and say "Hey, you know where the weight room is? Ahh, I'll check it out"
They didn't get it... =\

On my way back here I had to walk through a mall...
That's right, a sweaty white guy walked through a Japanese mall with a towel wrapped around his head. 
I should've at least taken my shirt off, then they'd have something to stare it ;) 

I made it back and now I'm typing about it. I think I'm gonna go watch a movie on my laptop... but first perhaps find a bottle for some water. Ugh, I'm thirsty and they have a water cooler thingie mabob here. Awesome!

God it's so humid here. Its rediculous. Luckily my room has AC.

There's still a few people wearing face masks to prevent SARS or something. 

And A LOT of people have iPods. I see em all over the place on subways. 
And a lot of people have these cellphones that double as TVs and they have a widescreen screen on em. It's pretty cool. 

Oooh, and I saw a 30 somethin year old dude playing POKEMON!!!! OMG, MY PIKACHU COULD BEAT ALL OF HIS GUYS!!!

Okay, I need water and BAD. 



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